Manhattan Promenades – MIT USA


Open Air Performance Space. Traces of the removed buildings are used to define a new architecture of the public, in the negative (inverted) space of the street.

Year : 2011
Team Work
Tutors : Nida Rehman + Daniel Cardoso Llach
                Partisipants  : Natalia Bartolomeo – Brazil + Aya Fujimoto – Japan + Benson Gillepsie – USA 
                                      Cheng Wei Lo – Taiwan  +  Luz Jimenez – Spain + Shahrzad Rahmani – Germany
                                      Linde Van Reeth – Belgium + Monon bin Yunus – Bangladesh + Khaled ElAshry – Egypt

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Ephemeral Arts Connection Workshop 2010 – Italy

From the 9th to the 20th of September 2010 artists everywhere and  met in Sicily for the international workshop Ephemeral Arts Connection. Exponents of different disciplines worked together to realize an installation and a performance inside the Monumento ai Mille in Marsala

The Participants came even from Damasco and Oslo to reopen the incomplete Monument in Marsala -,a very good piece of news is that, in all likelihood, the incomplete huge Monument, which was created to celebrate the Unification of Italy, will be livened up by some exhibitions and some events till the works to complete it  won’t start…
Trying to put all that into action, the Stardust* Architects and  Sole e Luna’s owner (a bar in front of the Monument), hasten to advertise the project and keep the Monument clean and accessible for visitors.
Anyway, even if at this incomplete stage, its architecture is still fascinating

INVITED ARTISTS: Akkura – unfinished sound

LECTURERS: Serena Del Puglia (Stardust*), Francesco Ducato (Stardust*), Ignasi Perez Arnal (Elisava), Giacomo Di Girolamo (Journalist), Lucy Giuliano (Architect), Santi Centineo (Architect), Incompiuto Siciliano, Tiziano Di Cara (Architect, Gallerist), Maurizio Carta (Architect, Urban Planner, Councillor of the historical center of Palermo)
PHOTOGRAPHER: Carla Athayde (Stardust*)
VIDEO BY: Peppe Grisafi
SPECIAL LECTURERS: Olga Gutierrez Prat (Architect), Alessio Erioli (Engineer/Researcher)
TUTORS: Bea Goller (Architect_German-Spain), Marita Isobel Solberg (Artist_Norway), Aref Maksoud (Architect – Mag LAB_Syria)
STRUCTURAL DESIGN CONSULTANCY: Alessio Erioli (Università di Bologna – Co-de-iT)
SELECTED PARTICIPANT ARTISTS : Aza Stass, Ayman Ibrahim Basha, Noelle Oska, Qutaiba Qaddour, Khaled El-Amer El-Ashry, Eleonora Adesso, Simona Cudia, Giovanna Lentini, Carlo Pavia